Getting Professional Headshots: 4 Questions to Ask Before You Book

Headshots are an important tool for professionals, whether you are a business executive, an actor, or a model. A good headshot can make all the difference in how you present yourself to potential employers or clients.

The purpose of a professional headshot is to create a positive first impression and show off your best features. It should be professional and polished, yet still convey your personality and style. When selecting clothing for your headshot, it’s important to choose something that is appropriate and flattering. Avoid busy patterns or bright colors as they can be distracting. You should also make sure that your hair is neat and well-groomed.

When it comes to the actual photo shoot, it’s important to relax and be yourself. Professional photographers understand how to capture the right angles and lighting that will flatter you best. They will also help you find poses that will bring out the best in you.

After the session is complete, take the time to review all of your photos with the photographer before making any decisions on which one should be used as your headshot. Make sure that you are happy with how it looks before signing off on it.

Having a professional headshot taken can be an intimidating experience but it doesn’t have to be! With some preparation and guidance from an experienced photographer, you can create a great headshot that will help you stand out from the crowd in any field.

What are the 4 most commonly asked questions about professional headshots?

  1. Do and don’ts for headshots?
  2. Are professional headshots worth it?
  3. What is the best color to wear for a professional headshot?
  4. What is a good professional headshot?

Do and don’ts for headshots?


• Wear solid colors that flatter your complexion.

• Make sure your clothing is wrinkle-free and fits you properly.

• Bring a few different outfits to the shoot for variety.

• Get a professional hair and makeup artist to help you look your best.

• Have your photographer take shots from multiple angles to capture different looks.

• Practice posing and facial expressions in front of a mirror before the shoot.


• Wear busy patterns or bright colors that will distract from your face.

• Wear jewelry or accessories that are too loud or distracting.

• Forget to bring makeup and powder for touch-ups during the shoot.

• Forget to smile! Even if you’re going for a more serious look, it’s important to show some expression in your headshots.

• Forget to get a good night’s sleep before the shoot – it will show in your photos!

Are professional headshots worth it?

Yes, professional headshots can be worth it. A professional headshot can help you stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression. It can also help you look more polished and put-together in job applications, on social media, or on your website. A good headshot can also be a great investment in your personal brand and career.

What is the best color to wear for a professional headshot?

The best color to wear for a professional headshot is a solid, neutral color such as black, navy, gray, or beige. Avoid bright colors and patterns that may be distracting.

What is a good professional headshot?

A good professional headshot should be taken in a well-lit area with a plain background, and it should capture the subject’s face and upper body. The subject should be dressed in professional attire and have a neutral facial expression. The photograph should also be taken from a slightly elevated angle to create an attractive, flattering look.

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