About Us


Our philosophy

Human beings live in moments and memories. Photography is a beautiful art that helps capture the special moments and memories.

We aim to take this art to people by training them in using their cameras at a pro level to be able to capture great photo moments and photo memories.

Who are we?

Ranjeet Adkar  (Founder, photographer and coach)

Ranjeet's story

Photography started as a hobby for Ranjeet about 10+ years ago.

As we all do, with a few photos that came out well and were appreciated, he went and bought himself a brand new DSLR (Canon EOS 1000D) back then.

And then the struggle started on how to use it best. With a few friend-gurus teaching him and then he trying the manual / youtube, things got barely better. But then Ranjeet came across an advt for a Basic Photography Training and immediately signed up.

The training provided him with the guidance that he needed and then onwards, once the basics were clear, there was no looking back. The passion for photography only grew with time. Over time, he attended more advanced trainings and photowalks / tours and soon he was clicking photos wherever and whenever he got a chance. You can see the Portfolio section for some of his photos as follows:

Landscapes examples,  Travel photography, nature and wildlife , street, black and white, and creative stuff.

Soon there were friends asking Ranjeet for a training in photography as he continued his corporate life. He obliged a few with private sessions on photography but that was only the beginning.

April 2018, he finally quit his corporate job to start up The PhotoWorks fulltime to take his passion forward and take photography to the masses by providing the practical guidance needed in this wonderful activity called photography.

Other mentors and coaches


The PhotoWorks ties up with other photographer mentors as needed. If you are an established photographer who wishes to join The PhotoWorks in taking workshops / events for us, please contact us - see the Contact section for details.